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You cannot sell your vehicle immediately for $3000 more than what it is really worth, it would be ridiculous and naive to think so, however If you are realistic and follow this simple guide you will find it’s as easy as ABC to get a good grasp of what may be a fair price to sell your car for and how you go about doing this today!


Where do I start? The first thing you need to do is to analyse the market place for the value of your car. You might say what market place? Let’s look at it from another perspective and reverse the situation, ask yourself what the human behaviour is when it comes to normal people buying a car. Well you might say something like, people log on line and shop on one of those internet Car selling websites for a car of their choice, or go from Car yard to Car yard looking for their preference of car. Saying this means you are going the right direction.

Retail Car Sales yards have major overheads like leases, wages for many staff, insurance, advertising, maintenance, warranty expenses and much more. These costs need to be factored into the number of sales. Let’s say the total monthly outgoings for yard A are $60000, and they sell 20 cars per month, this means that $3000 per car is required just to survive without making a profit. Accordingly Yard B sells 30 cars a month (more cars than yard A) and have total monthly outgoings of $85000, this represents yard B still requiring $2833 per car for their overheads. Once you have accepted this, read next paragraph in relation to analysing Car sales on line, you will be well on track.

How do I get a benchmark of what my car is worth? The first thing people do when they intend selling their car is to go on line to one of many Car selling websites, have a bit of a look around to see what a similar car to theirs is advertised for, they then get photos and list it on line for a similar price. Again human nature kicks in, we all have a strong emotional connection to our possessions and think highly of them, Being quite confident the car will sell soon, our pride gets into our way, A few days goes by and no calls, we don’t feel so  good, registration diminishes and as time slips by we don’t feel so confident, more time passes and we get to the end of the tether, we're ready to give it away for a price we normally wouldn’t of even considered. The market place is price and demand driven, not only are we in competition with similar vehicles for sale, we are in competition with other compatible vehicles and in competition for the buyers dollar, that’s why some people purchase KIAS instead of Nissans or Mazdas instead of Toyotas and so forth.

The secret to selling your car today is to understand that what people are advertising their cars for on line  is not what they get, and prices displayed for cars in Dealers include overheads , warranty and other costs to get the vehicle presentable for sale. Be realistic and sensible about your price, make some enquiries on line and on the phone, these days with technology you can stay home and no longer need to go anywhere. Once you have analysed the market and allowed for any damage or repairs on your vehicle it is time to phone us on 1300 78 12 78 ,we will do the rest by giving  you a realistic over the phone cash price for your vehicle first up. We will travel anywhere in the Sydney Metropolitan and surrounding areas, pay you by cash, bank cheque or bank transfer today. You don’t need to leave the privacy of your own home and we can normally do this the same day.


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