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You can get a guide as to what you are likely to realise for your vehicle, you can conduct some researching on internet car selling sites. This can be done by selecting the exact make, model, series, and transmission with similar mileage as yours that are for sale; from here you can ascertain...

The average asking price.  Now as just mentioned these are only asking prices and doesn’t mean you will get this type of money, you can expect a wide range of negotiation space between certain sales which is not evident by just looking at vehicle sale prices on line.

 The value of your car depends on many factors; these may include make, model, age, mileage, any additional accessories or features. You need to take into account how well it has been maintained, the condition of wear and tear throughout, any existing body damage or mechanical faults, the demand for your car and even how quickly you need to sell.

 To optimise the sale price of your vehicle consider firstly the presentation as most people buy on appearance , whoever you sell to, whether to the trade or privately.  Look at this objectively, what is the type of things you would look out for when buying a car? Cleanliness, obvious visible flaws like cracked lenses in the tail light, roadworthiness items like globes, horn, worn tyres and so forth. Consider making any small repairs that could make a lot of difference when it comes to price. Make sure all your accessories and options are in working order, like air conditioning power windows etc. Don’t forget to check all your fluid levels and top up if necessary. You want your vehicle to stand out to a buyer, so Consider getting your vehicle fully professionally detailed, as a fresh and clean car is the start to the next step of the sale. First impressions and often the smallest minute detail can cause a big difference in price and even cause the sale to fall through; sometimes you may only get one chance.

 Once you have carried out some of the above, you can start marketing your vehicle to the private market or the motor trade and know that you have given the best possible opportunity to optimise your sale price. There are many ways to market your vehicle for sale, this entails taking photographs and listing on line, receiving phone calls, arranging appointments and test drives and so forth. This can be a long drawn out process and demands time and energy.

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