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If you are an Executor or Executrix of an Estate having a Motor Vehicle subject to a will that needs to be disposed, and you would like to keep impartial from any dealings which may cause or create turmoil within the Family talk to us

at “Cash for Cars now”. On request by the Executor, Executrix or your Solicitor we can provide an independent “Appraisal to Purchase” of any Vehicles in the Estate of your late loved one.

Information, estimates, and opinions utilised in the "Appraisal to purchase" are obtained from sources considered to be reliable for such subject. Vehicle condition is assessed in accordance with generally accepted Motor Trade principles.

By appointment our specialist will attend any location within the Sydney Metropolitan or surrounding areas for inspection of any Vehicle within 48 Hours. This "Appraisal to Purchase” will be prepared immediately; this is usually within 3 working days without any delays. On acceptance settlement is carried out immediately by way of Bank Cheque , Money Transfer or Cash.

Why not consider Cash for Cars Now to carry out a full Appraisal to Purchase any Vehicles at no charge. We can be contacted on 1300 78 12 78 for more details or visit our website and learn more about our Business.

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