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 Here we are, seven months into 2016 and you're still driving that car you thought you’d sell to get something better. Maybe you wanted a deposit for Ford’s new Mustang? Or maybe you wanted to buy one of the last Holden Commodores before local production stops? Either way you wanted to have sold your current car by now but alas the hassle of selling your car put you off. That’s where cash for cars now can help by buying your car without the fuss freeing up some much needed funds for something a lot better.


  Here is a little taster, an appetizer if you will of some of 2016’s best new cars you could be stepping into simply by selling your car, now. And don’t think I’m just going to reel off a list of half million dollar supercars either, below you will find a city car, hatchback, sporty sedan, SUV and a ute worth selling your car for. Buying a vehicle has never been more tempting.

  Holden Spark

 A city car should be small on the outside but big on the inside, easy drive/park and cheap to buy. It also helps if it’s fun to hoon around in, has intuitive touch screen technology any 20 something can figure, is available in brash colours and has the option of a manual gearbox. The Spark covers all those bases, with the simplest LS model available drive away for under $15,000 complete with a 7 inch screen, Apple Car Play/Android Auto and paint options including Fresh Lime Green and Mystic Violet. If you live in an urban area maybe it’s about time you sell your awkwardly sized fuel guzzling car and consider a Spark instead, local Holden could always do with the car sales. 

  Renault Megane

 The French have always had style, whether it’s fashion, supermodels or cars our Brie consuming cousins never fail to look good. And the new Megane due in September continues that trend, offering buyers a quirky alternative to a Corolla, Golf or i30. The hope is that the Megane can deliver a premium feel for a less than premium price (under $30,000 for the base car), with engines and technology right up there with what zee Germans have to offer. Aussie launch specifications have yet to be confirmed but looking at the Meganes already selling in Europe buyers can expect 1.2 and 1.6 litre petrol turbo’s delivering outstanding economy and ample oomph, dual clutch and six speed manual transmissions, 5 star safety ratings and a massive portrait orientated centre touchscreen that takes care of connectivity. Support Renault and throw a car sale or two their way.        

 Hyundai Elantra SR

 Turbo’s make things better, fact. So Hyundai have strapped one to the new Elantra due for release in August. Transforming it into, not quite a hot but certainly a warm sedan, Hyundai’s latest offers a choice of 6 speed manual mated to it’s 150kw 1.6 litre turbo charged engine and features suspension specially tuned for Aussie roads meaning it should be a hoot to thrash on, not something previously thought off when you mentioned the word Elantra. Other changes over the base car include bigger alloy wheels, redesigned sporty bumpers and twin exhausts out back. A sedan worth selling your car for.      

 Mazda CX-9

 A handsome seven seat SUV, the new CX-9 moves Mazda’s SUV game into a premium European rivaling arena without the associated cost. Starting at just over $42,000 for a base front wheel drive variant the CX-9 might be the car that sees families selling their current hatches and sedans in favour of something they can actually all fit into. The KODO - Soul of Motion design language that Mazda currently employ also means that owning a seven seater no longer means your ticket to a life of dull box like MPV’s. This people lugger looks good and ties the CX-9 nicely into Mazda’s already fine looking range of cars. Obviously inside things are equally as stylish and the Mazda offers all the connectivity a modern family could need. Car sales for Mazda right now are on the up and the CX-9 is a tempting reason to sell that old family car of yours and add to their tally.     

 VW Amorok V6 TDI

 Finally something for the tradies, or at least people who like to tow things around, VW has shoved a great big 3 litre V6 diesel into its popular Amorok ute. Previously only available with a twin turbo 2 litre 4 cylinder the new engine is set to alleviate any anxiety that the old car was not powerful enough to tackle Australiana with a whopping 550Nm of torque, enough to haul your twin axle caravan, boat or horse trailer with ease. The refreshed ute will be available later in the year and will also have reshaped bumpers, a smarter interior and Apple Car Play. The vehicle that made the 4x4 ute segment less utility to drive just got a little bit better. Selling that old work horse might have suddenly got more appealing.

 Five cars, five different segments of the market and five reasons why you should sell your car sooner without the usual hassle. Get rid of the old, get the money quickly and put a deposit down on something safer, more innovative, stylish, more powerful, bigger or just darn right better. 2016 is the year when vehicle buying has never had so much variety.      




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