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 So you want to sell your car , and have researched the where's and how's of doing that. There is enough material online on the process involved. It is easier still to find different sites on-line to list or sell your car.

  But what about the question of ‘when’ , is it important to consider the time of the year when it is best to dispose of your car? Is there really a science to timing the sale of your vehicle ?

  There can be multiple aspects to the timing of the sale. If you had to take a calendar approach to deciding, then the months from January to December do throw up some answers. Tied to the months are some events of a personal or a global nature that could prompt a spike in the chances of sale and getting a good price in certain months.

  The calendar year end approach

  In December, with the end of the calendar year, dealers are keen to offload the unsold stock of the year. This is the time when they give huge factory discounts and mammoth offers to tempt buyers. In January too, the great offers, Bonuses on unsold cars continue, end of year sales , run out models and so forth, This is the time many buyers postpone their buying to.

  But even in the used car market, this signifies possibilities. While it is primarily the new cars that people go after during this period, however with the vast marketing budget expended a chunk of buyers also look out to buy a used car at a bargain price.

  The financial year end approach

 June is financial year end. This is another time of the year when the market is awash with deals and offers. Look around and most brands and dealers are trying their best to lure the market. It can work both ways. There will be stiff competition from both new and used cars which creates a larger potential customer base.

  The festive season approach

  December is another good month that sees people willing to celebrate and to spend. Festive time also brings holiday makers, travellers looking for that upgrade in space to a SUV or 4X4 Wagon. This can be seen as a good time to target near new car buyers or Holiday type people movers. Christmas cheer also spreads to used cars market being just as good as a new one to the used car buyer. Another reason is that this produces a shift in a used car owner looking to buy a new one. In turn, this is a time when used car buyers may wait to get a good deal.

 Other seasonal approaches

  It may be a smart decision waiting for certain times of the year when people intensify their decision to buy a second car. Used cars are usually a good option for that. Changes in weather conditions like the advent of summer or the rainy season or even the colder months can be possible candidates for the better time to sell certain models. For instance, if your car is a convertible, the possibility of sale may be lower if you put it up just before the rains or during winter, but may sell straight away in early summer.

  Similarly, timing your sale along with the college season could be a smart way of securing a better chance of disposal of a specific car at a premium price. Graduation time does see used cars getting sold , when the first car buyers enter their driving life obtaining their licences. With the advent of Automatic licensing for drivers many first time drivers opt for the easy way out by obtaining their licence in an Automatic car. This raises the demand for these small automatic vehicles, there is a better chance of a sale at a better price in this type of vehicle in these times.

  Summing up

  Assuming you have a good used car on your hands, is it a good idea to go by the above timing approach and going by proven market trends ? is this the best way to assure yourself of finding the best time to sell your car ?.Well whether it is January or June or any of the seasonal periods, the timing isn't that crucial for a used car passing hands.

 There are broad aspects that indicate a better time certain months of year as against the others for particular vehicles. Like new cars, there are some makes and models that would do better than others year round. But, unlike new cars, used cars are dependent mainly on its own merit. A poorly maintained and low quality car regardless of the season or month will be difficult to sell. However, a car that is looked after well with an excellent service history, priced right and presented well, will get sold any month of the year.There is a price for everything, everything is dependent on the market's demand for that particular vehicle given the available buyers exposed to the vehicle at the time of sale.

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