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Welcome to “Cash for cars now” the place where vehicle owners can find useful information, advice, insights, resources for effectively selling their car.

This section gives Selling car tips, concentration will be on the best practices and proven techniques to sell your car quickly, maximising return with the least hassles.

Should i sell my car?

Why sell a car? There are many and various reasons individuals sell or trade their car, but 3 main motives for selling a car come to mind. In no particular order the following are some grounds.

  1. No further need.
  2. Purchasing another vehicle.
  3. Need of Money.

Prior to making this decision it’s imperative to ask yourself, is this best alternative? take the first predicament of having no further need, yes it may be surplus to you or your immediate family’s requirements, but do you have in mind a friend or a relative of a friend or someone who may need a vehicle, maybe a cousin, niece or nephew of a mate at work is obtaining their licence soon, it could be a neighbour. Try to eliminate these options first rather than to find out afterwards that you could have retained $1500 or more for your car and saved them the same.

The second scenario deals principally with acquiring a new vehicle, some people wish to sell their car themselves then enter the next transaction hoping to be in a better negotiation position without a trade in, if you are in this category, be certain you do all your investigation and research as to the bottom line result and that you are not subject to “smoke and mirrors” influence by the Dealership, You don’t want to be deprived of transportation for a week or two to discover you‘re not really in any better position than from where you first started from by just trading in your car firstly .

In the last situation, most importantly, if you are one who needs to off load your vehicle for an urgent situation? Ascertain you are unable to obtain the funds from an alternative source first, especially if the money you need is just a temporary measure. Occasionally it’s more sensible to bridge a loan from a friend, family member or if capable, sometimes even a financial institute. We understand interest can be high in the latter situation , however if you abandon this avenue you could find yourself coughing up thousands more for the same level of car not long thereafter, when you are back on track financially. Realistically this could equate to hundreds of percent, so think about it!

Have i done my groundwork to satisfy all the questions surrounding why I should sell my car, Once you‘ve determined you have carried out all the appropriate checks and preparation, you may think to yourself Which is the best way to sell a car?, but before you can even imagine doing anything of the sort, you need to study the next segment and be conscious of the many Ways to sell a car. Remember “failure to prepare is preparing for failure”.

What ways are there to sell my car?

How should i sell my car, where should I sell my car? With the technological advancements these days, changes in the market and the way business is done today, there are many answers to these questions. Have you ever considered how many actual ways to sell your car there are? What ways are available to sell my car? The principal methods are as follows:

  1. Privately
  2. to a Dealership
  3. at Auctions
  4. to Auto Parts Recyclers
  5. to a Car Buyer.(Fixed location)
  6. to a Car Buyer.(Mobile) About us

There is another alternative, and this is by consignment. In this process you give authority to a Dealer or Auction to sell on your behalf, no money is exchanged until your vehicle is sold and settlement has taken place.

In the past many Dealers have failed to pay owners after sale of their cars and this is not one of the best ways to sell your car. The Department of Fair Trading warns consumers to be careful when selling or buying cars on consignment as a result of failures of car consignment businesses. Check with NSW Fair Trading in relation to this type of trading.

Selling cars privately

Selling your car privately refers to selling via any medium like magazines, newspapers, and community or work notice boards, on the internet or even on the side of the highway. It relates to dealing directly with the buying party, involves taking the enquiry, organising appointments for inspection, including arranging any test drives, completing sale documents as well as taking care of settlement.

Some transactions when selling a used car privately can be complicated not carried out correctly can be problematic, if not careful can result in legal action, read more to get selling car privately tips.

Most people selling a car privately do so on line through numerous car selling websites like Gumtree, Carsales, Trading Post, eBay, Carsguide which are just a few to mention, there are many more. Selling your car online can be time consuming , taking desirable photographs ,uploading to sites, composing your description copy, taking the enquiry, organising appointments for inspection together with the usual arranging any test drives and so forth, however if you are patient and not in a rush, you will realise more than you would from other sources. If you intend to sell a car online read on further for tips, details and instructions on selling cars online and how to sell your car online.

Road side selling is carried out by many individuals, you notice them frequently along the side of the roads, in certain areas there are a dozen or more vehicles displayed for sale. Yes! it may seem like an easy good idea at the time, Just have a nice sized “for sale” sign, then get the exposure of free passing traffic, however be careful of receiving an infringement notice, as councils and other authorities are cracking down and taking legal action on road side sales.

Check with your insurance company as to the restrictions of your policy, I understand some Insurance companies do not cover theft and damage resulting from road side sales.

When selling your car privately be very cautious not to get trapped by one of many Scams going around. Fair trading and all the major websites alert sellers advertising to watch out for these scam artists.

Selling cars to a Dealer

Selling a car to a dealer relates to all entities holding a licence to trade in Motor vehicles, they can be an Auto Parts Recycler (Wrecker), Auctions, New and used Car Dealerships, Used car yards, specialised car buyers. In NSW These entities are licensed by NSW Fair Trading, needing to abide by stringent laws, like guaranteeing title of vehicles sold, offering warranty on applicable cars, roadworthy certificates and much more .The proceeding sections talk about these dealers separately. Read on for additional material about selling your car to a dealership for cash or selling by auction.

Selling a car to a dealership

A Dealership in this section relates to any sized licensed motor dealer predominantly selling and trading new and second hand vehicles, from large new car dealerships normally observed positioned together on a main arterial road, to stand alone used car yards in the side or back street. Can you sell a car to a dealership for cash without purchasing a car from them? There are many factors affecting this, like the type of car you own, is it of the same class of vehicle they sell? Are they over stocked? Have they in place a car purchasing policy restricting them from buying your type of car? Are they operating a stock finance plan for their cars?

If your vehicle is of their quality and level for sale and no other restrictions are in place, YES you usually can sell your car to a dealership for cash without acquiring one in exchange, however selling car to used car dealership usually results in a lesser financial outcome than if you were to sell your car privately. The explanation for this is quite understandable, dealerships suffer from substantial operating costs like leases payments, wages, advertising and many other incidentals associated with running a business of this nature, and this money needs to be recovered somehow, so where do you think it comes from?

Selling cars at Auction

In the true sense of the word Auctions function on a consignment basis, the Consignor (seller) of the vehicle passes control to the auction (consignee). A reserve price or minimum sale price is set, the vehicle is not sold unless this amount has been realised. Depending on the circumstances of the market place and attendance, marketing and so forth, this can take some time or it can be swift to sell your car.

The Government normally auction their cars; generally this is the leading way to dispose their vehicles due to the high volume involved. Auctions usually tender for the contract to sell these vehicles on their behalf. Finance companies regularly use the services of auctions to get rid of repossessed vehicles they need to liquidate into cash. Government auctions are often a good source if you intend to procure a very late model vehicle covered by a new vehicle warranty.

Many general auctions have a car buying department attached where they can purchase a vehicle directly from you. An auction, depending on size typically has a similar structure to a dealership with high running costs, substantial leases, sales, administration and maintenance staff members on top of other expenditures .You don’t need to be Einstein to work out somehow this must affect the sale of your car.

Sell my car to Auto Parts Recyclers

How do I sell my car if it is a non goer? unfortunately we all age and some of our parts don’t perform as well as they used to, as time goes on cars don’t work as they should or function at all, Cars get superseded and the cost of repairs outweighs the value and their reliability, they may be affected by rust or subject to major accident damage. These cars are normally picked up by various auto parts recyclers, metal and scrap merchants, the old cars are conveyed back to their reprocessing plant to be salvaged and recycled. These traders own tilt, tow and crane attached trucks operating throughout the suburbs. A major scrap and metal recycler working the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas is Sydney car recyclers

How do i know if my car is worth more than scrap metal price? some dealers specialise in cheaper cars and possess the mechanical infrastructure to repair ,rebuild and recondition these cars known as “Bombs”, “Clunkers” or “cheapies”, they are sold as second hand runabouts, temporary cars, to and from the station cars and to back packers. If your car is old but generally tidy, presentable, maybe some minor mechanical repairs required with some registration or only just out, it may qualify to be this type of car. Read on for more tips on selling your car or you can Contact us to get a free over the phone indication as to whether your vehicle is worth more than scrap metal.

Car buyers (Fixed location)

Specialist car buyers can be found in many suburbs scattered across the City, they focus on purchasing cars from the private market .They generally occupy a holding yard ,usually seen on the major roads displaying slogans like” We buy cars”, Cash for Cars” “Cars wanted” “ Sell your Car” “buy your car for cash” “sell your car for cash”

They concentrate on attracting vehicle sellers to their yard, they do this in many ways, and one way is employing telephone marketers contacting car sellers who advertise their vehicles, in newspapers, magazines and advertisements on line.

You may have been contacted by one of these canvassers in the past as a result of having your car posted on line or advertised in the paper, they have a common approach “ We are low on stock” , “We have a buyer for your car”, “Bring your car down and we will give you top money ” or “ We will pay you X amount for your car “ You can read in online forums , In many cases you drive to the yard ,remain in line with the other 10 people in a waiting office while your car gets examined and scrutinized , 15 minutes later the buyer comes back and offers you a figure miles away from the what was discussed on the phone.

Also the use of online valuations to entice sellers into the yard are only a guide based upon certain details about the car , their assumptions and is not a payment at which they are bound to buy the car for.

Again the overheads structure for this type of fixed location business can be similar to a dealership and because some establishments don’t have a retail facility attached, the margins can be made up from your end of the money. This may be a quick and easy way to sell your car, but at what cost?

Car buyers (Mobile)

Dedicated mobile car buyers generally have low overheads without the huge leases that accompany big dealerships, they are not over staffed associated with larger establishments, having big advertising budgets and other out goings .They can normally call out to your place of work or home and provide you with a fair price immediately, yes you can get extra by selling privately, but this way is easy, fast and you receive a respectable price for your car in the brief time involved. For more information Contact us

How much is my car worth?

How much can i sell my car for? depends on many things like the demand for the Model , Kilometres, condition, service history and so on , however other important factors of what you will realise is ,who you sell to, what time limit you have to sell in , what time you have available, did you want to sell your car to a dealer? Sell car privately? Sell car in auction? Or Sell your car online?

The cardinal question most people ask prior to selling is what should i sell my car for? There is a multitude of ways to get a viewpoint to the worth of your car; the interpretation of worth represents a fair price in the time and resources available to you.

You might do what the majority do prior to selling, that is go to a few used car websites set about looking for equivalent vehicles to see what is asking of your model, you get a comparable figure across the board as to a price sellers are asking, you then decide this is what your car is worth ! You then go out into the yard get a few shots of the car, quickly write down a few descriptive lines for the copy, upload the photos and list your vehicle in hope of a sale. This May all sound easy and great.

In many cases after a few weeks of texts, phone calls, attempted scams, frustration of people not showing up, you get to the old couldn’t be bothered frame of mind, you wind up selling your car for a price a great deal lower then you expected .Why is this? What you need to understand is that most people do this as part of their price research and they then all follow suit and advertise their car for this figure, however this doesn’t mean your vehicle is worth what a comparable vehicle listed on line is.

On many occasions sellers go to valuation websites enter the details of their vehicle and presto! That’s what my car is worth, so ill advertise it for this amount! Wrong! Only if it was that easy!

How to sell my car if I owe money on it

Can I sell my car if I owe money on it? The answer is yes! The legal issue here is, if you owe money on your vehicle by way of a secured loan of some type, whether to a finance company, bank or credit union, you are required to pay this amount of money first before they give you free title of the vehicle; this is called the payout figure.

Because this payout figure is primarily determined by interest and date of payment, it is a good idea to obtain this figure from the financial institute on their letter head verifying this amount to be paid by a certain date; this gives confidence to prospective buyers they will receive free title to the vehicle they intend to purchase.

If you are unsure your vehicle is secured by a loan you are able to check this information by going to Personal Property Securities Register.

What paper work do I need to sell my car?

The only recommended documents required to sell your car successfully is:

  1. Certificate of Registration
  2. Proof of identity (i.e. Drivers Licence, Birth Certificate etc.)
  3. Pay out figure on a Finance Company letter head (if applicable)

What paper work do I need when I sell a car in NSW?

When you sell your car, it’s your responsibility to lodge a Notice of Disposal. If you don’t, you could be held liable for parking, toll notices and other driving offences until the new buyer transfers the registration into their name.

Lodging a Notice of Disposal helps you avoid unnecessary fines. If you receive a toll notice or fine for a car you no longer have in your control, you have the chance to inform the issuing agency that you’re no longer responsible for the vehicle by submitting a Statutory Declaration stating the name, address, Licence number, disposal date of the new owner.

On the back at top of the Certificate of registration you will find a tear off labelled “A” complete the details of the purchaser ,along with part “B”, make sure you have sighted identification for the buyer, as this is the information you need to lodge to the “Roads and Maritime Services”.

There are 2 ways you can lodge a notice of disposal:

  1. Lodge Part ”A” notice of disposal over the counter at one of the many RMS locations near you, make sure you keep a copy, just in case you need to nominate the new owner.
  2. A notice of disposal can also be lodged on line at Roads and Maritime Services.

Where should i sell my car?

This is answered by deciding the ease, speed and amount of effort you put into selling your car. You may be in a hurry for the funds, you might not, and it’s simply a matter for each on their own merits. The following gives you some idea, taking in consideration of time, effort preparation, organising, driving, listing ,liaising, test driving involved in selling your car.*Car buyer (Mobile)relates to Cash for cars now, Sell your car from Home.

1) Car buyer ( Mobile)

No effort

Cash-Bank Transfer

2) Car buyer(Fixed location)

Low-Medium effort

Cheque-Bank Transfer

3) Dealership

Low-Medium effort

Cheque-Bank Transfer

4) Auction

Medium + effort

Cheque-Bank Transfer

5) Private sale

Medium-High effort

Cash-Bank Cheque

Should i trade in or sell my car?

The way to comprehend this mathematically is, when you go shopping for the next new car you intend to purchase, Get 2 figures from the Car Dealerships! You make them simply aware you want the options of keeping possession or trading in, (you may have someone interested in it) for whatever reason that doesn’t matter it’s your prerogative, this way you will have black and white figures, again you don’t need to be Einstein to take one figure from the other to arrive at a real figure as to what amount of money they are actually offering for your car. Once you establish this you can decide whether you want to sell your car privately or shop it around to better your financial position.

Should i sell or trade in my car?

I am in business and want to lease, should i sell or trade in my car ?, again this depends on if the vehicle you are trading has been used for business previously or whether it is your own personal vehicle ,this paragraph relates to your own personal vehicle being traded in utilising a novated lease or similar. Some people make the mistake of extensively shopping the price of the new car, down to the Dealership’s lowest prices; this reduces the margin that enables the Dealership to offer you a good trade figure. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive the full tax benefits of depreciation and interest on the top amount, and then receive the trade amount cash back in your pocket? Check with your accountant or the tax department as to your entitlements prior to shopping around for your new business car. This mistake could cost you thousands of dollars!

Best way to sell my car online?

This section deals with the best practices for selling your car effectively on car selling websites (if you have the time).

Take nice attractive photos of your vehicle, at least 12 preferably with a plain background, so buyers can focus on the vehicle without distraction, photograph your car from all angles front, side, rear, under bonnet, drivers and rear seat areas etc., make sure your car is clean and spotless as your photo on line is your first point of call for buyers or first impressions, create a desirable perception.

Write a truthful and accurate description of the vehicle, don't exaggerate, human beings are not stupid, they are a wake up and can read between the lines, after all honesty is the best policy!

When you sell a car privately, you are not in the business of selling cars, you haven’t got premises, it’s not your usual occupation, you need to get this task over and done with, out of the is truthful we urgently need to sell our vehicle at the right price, in the least time !Somewhere in the copy you must say "Urgent" .This gives a motive for sale and can be very powerful if used properly.

undertake advertising first at a price resembling others on line, this doesn’t mean you will achieve it ,but it gives you a starting point, you can always go down, but you can’t go up ! You wouldn’t feel too good if you sold the car to the first person at a price you’ve guessed, how much could you have got extra by starting higher?

Internet sales can be very price sensitive , so if you don't receive a response within 3-4 days reduce the price by $300-$400, again if you don't receive a response within another 3-4 days reduce another $300-$400 and keep this strategy until eventually you receive a favourable response.

The market is very competitive so by reducing incrementally you will maximise your sale price whilst finding the real market level on the way down, this is in comparison to other similar vehicles of all makes and models that your dollars are competing against, not necessarily the same model as yours.

That's why some people buy Kia Rios instead of Toyota Corollas...or Hyundai instead of Mazda 3s ....etc....there is a trade-off point between price, model, competition in the market place.

Most importantly when someone responds to your advertisement, inform them prior to coming " I am selling my vehicle urgently and want to inform you, before you come I have advertised it for i.e. $10300 to get $10000, $9300 to get $9000 $8300 to get $8000 “where ever you are in the reduction stage, This qualifies the buyer and conditions them on price prior to them coming out for an inspection. So as long as you have presented appealing photos, an honest description, you will usually discover there be no grounds for a massive reduction from the buyer that comes.

One thing you need to worry about when selling a car privately is you don’t actually know your prospective buyer and in most cases they will be attending your family home, so attempt to get some contact number and details ,try to ring back prior to giving out your address, it’s prudent to do this.

Car selling Scams

Scams are a major problem for sellers on the privately market, you need to be very mindful of these intricate scams targeting car sellers , all major car websites issue warnings in relation to these scams, so be very cautious ,you can learn more by reading on line at the various sites. Carsales. Gumtree. Carsguide, eBay

Selling a car to an Auto Parts Recycler

Selling a car to an Auto Parts Recycler or a metal merchant is quite easy and simple, any given day you can see dozens of display adverts in the classifieds section of most papers, they will travel to your home with a tilt or tow truck and pick up your car and pay you cash. It is quite competitive in this market, by shopping around you can get a realistic indication of what amount you are likely to receive. If you have registration on your car ensure you remove the number plates from the vehicle, cancel the registration at Roads and Maritime Services, they will issue you with a refund, with the notice of cancellation you are given, you then post or fax a copy to your green slip suppliers requesting a refund of balance of the registration, a cheque will then be sent to you by post.

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